Silja Goetz is a German illustrator based in Madrid. Her style is mostly mixed media and covers a great variety of topics– Anything from a beer campaign to high fashion, from editorial to logos. With a degree in communication design, she has been working for Allegra magazine in Hamburg before establishing herself as a freelancer in Spain. Fluent in German, Spanish and English.


Client List:



The New Yorker, Vogue (Japan, UK, Australia), Die Zeit (Germany), Schöner Wohnen (Germany),
Harper’s Bazaar (Spain), Elle (Japan), Vanity Fair (Spain), Time Magazine, El País (Spain),
New York Magazine, Brigitte (Germany), Capital (Germany), Stern (Germany), Enroute (Canada),
Neon (Germany), Glamour (USA, Germany, Spain), The Atlantic, Beef (Germany), Brides (USA),
O Magazine (USA), Cosmopolitan (Germany, Spain), Elle (Germany, Canada), Yahoo Magazine, Lufthansa…


Thompson Hotels, Estrella Damm Beer, Latte Arborea, Bill Clinton Foundation, Bloomingdale’s,
Rotman Business School, Kiehl’s, Nike, Vienna Airport, Estrella Levante Beer, Renuzit Air Freshener,
Nordic Mist, Gaston & Daniela Fabrics, Underberg AG, Graniph TShirts (Japan), Orange Telecommunications,
Leshop (Switzerland), Champagne Henriot…


Penguin, Harper Collins, Planeta, Rowohlt Verlag, FischerVerlag, Doubleday, W. W. Norton & Company,
Amazon, Alfaguara, Salto de Página, Rosebud (Austria), Verlag für Moderne Kunst (Alemania), Destino…


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