Women’s magazines

Skills: Current work, Editorial

Illustration for Vanity Fair/ Spain. Art direction: Maria San Juan

Illustration for Vanity Fair/ Spain. Art direction: Maria San Juan


Illustration for an article about happiness for Brigitte/ Germany. Art direction: Holger Geys


Illustration inspired by Seurat for ‘Little Brown Book’ by Bloomingdale’s. Art direction: Christine Capuano

bloomingdale's, seurat, collage, pointillismus, lady with umbrella, frau mit schirm, silja goetz, illustration

Several Illustrations for Brigitte’s 60th anniversary issue. Art direction: Holger Geys

Brigitte, 60th birthday, jubiläum, women, silja goetz, illustration

Illustration accompanying a playlist for www.refinery29.com. Art direction: Isabelle Rancier


Illustration about the muses of writer Manuel Rivas for Harper’s Bazaar’/ Spain. Art direction: Paloma Vallhonrat

harper's bazaar, manuel rivas, muses, women, writer, inspiration,

Rejected sketch for Oprah Magazine about seeing your doctor in a group session

Oprah, doctor, group session, arzt, médico, silja goetz illustration

Rejected sketch for Oprah Magazine about catching a cold.

Oprah, rain, woman in the rain, flu, schnupfen, influenza, silja goetz illustration

‘Aries’ for Maxi/ Germany. Art direction: Sharonna Barel

maxi, aries, zodiac, widder, napoleon, strong woman, silja goetz, illustration

Illustration for Brides Magazine/ USA on how to cut your wedding budget in half. Art Direction: Jaspal Riyait.

bride magazine, wedding, wedding budget, dj, table, cake, silja goetz illustration

Spread for Vogue/ Australia about the best beauty addresses around the world. Art Director: Bethany O’Donnell

vogue, beauty addresses, map, silja goetz, illustration